It begins….

Why Blog eh? It’s not like I’m ahead of the curve on this one… Well my scatterbrained approach to gaming has resulted in a shed full of kits and figures in various states of completion but as I’m jumping from one thing to another I’m not getting the most out of things. I thought by blogging a project I’ll get more work done in a shorter time and so get more gaming done. I mean that’s why I got the toys in the first place. As much as enjoy painting and building it’s not the be all and end all of things. Last year in fact I decided to only speed paint figures from now on: I’ve stuff a decade old at least which hasn’t seen a paint brush let alone a table so I’m trying to up my productivity.

That’s the plan anyway- see where we go from here….


2 comments on “It begins….

  1. Its a start matey, just need to work out where you want to go from here.

  2. Tim Gow says:

    Welcome to blog-land. The rest of us are every bit as bewildered as you!

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