Kampfgruppe Normandy.

I recently bought the Kampfgruppe Normandy rules in the half price sale, the full price had put me off previously like a lot of others it seems… given the number of people I’ve spoken to who have bought it in the same sale. To be fair you do get a huge full colour glossy rulebook for your money with plenty of scenarios in, on the other hand the full price of £48 is pretty steep and it only covers the Normandy campaign (the lists in the book are UK Armoured, UK Infantry, US Armoured, US Infantry, SS Panzer, Heer Panzer, Heer Infantry, Fallschrimjager).

So far I’ve umpired 2 games of it, yet to actually play in one though. The system is really straightforward; both players picked it up quickly (though they did seem to under use Suppressing fire- I’ll have a word with them before the next game). I’ve taken a few pics so i thought I’d put them here.



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