Over the next few days I’m planning to write up each project, list what I’ve got done and what needs doing with it.

This should give me some idea of where I am with each one. I’m imagine they’ll fall into three camps (or be a mix of all three): 1) I’ll need to buy more stuff to finish off the project. 2) I’ll need to paint the stuff I’ve already got to game the project. 3) I’ll need to develop the rules/ scenarios to game the project.

That said it’s the Fiasco Show at Leeds tomorrow so I may very well get tempted into something new….

2 comments on “Projects

  1. That’s not a bad idea actually. I’ve often listed all the projects but haven’t stated where they’re all up to. I think it might be helpful to refer back to. I have random lists on my phone of all different projects but having one on the blog might be more useful.

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