FIASCO, Leeds.

I visited the FIASCO show at Leeds on Sunday, Held in the Saviles (RIP Jimmy) Conference Centre opposite the Royal Armouries. The venue is pretty nice- big and airy though far too dark- something I’ve noticed at a lot of shows recently, I’m surprised more trader don’t bring their own lighting.

Another thing I’ve seen develop at UK shows over the last 10 years or so is that they are turning more into shopping shows rather than game shows; About a 2 to 1 ratio of traders to games at Fiasco. Perhaps If I scheduled longer to stay at the show I could get some games in ( I got a lift at the weekend from Bill(UFM))… Still most of my time was spent chatting to people I knew from the forums so at least I was slightly sociable.

Purchases wise I got some cheap books, some US infantry in Parsons jacket for my KGN project, I saw the Mutineer Miniatures new 20mm Africa figures, very nice so I bought 5 packs to round out my Generic African force. They’ll be fitted into games from Blackhawk Down to Rhodesia….

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