Operation Goodwood Megagame

I’ve finally got round to uploading some picture from my phone to my PC. Amongst them were a couple of shot I took of the Operation Goodwood Megagame I played the other month. For more details see here: http://www.megagame-makers.org.uk/

My role was as part of 272nd Infantry Division, we took our historical role defending Caen. We took heavy causalities but in the end held on to the town a day longer than in real life- mostly due to Corps command being more than generous with allocating support (elements from Das Reich SSPz Division and a lot of Nerbelwerfers). I really enjoyed the megagame concept- best explained as a double blind boardgame mixed with a free kreigspiel.

Apologies for the flash- my photography skills with a cameraphone and laminated maps don’t mix.

In other news: Ambush Alley’s Cold War Hot and Ambush Alley scenario supplements arrived today. Had a quick flick through them- am impressed so far. Hopefully they’ll give me the impetus to sort out my Vietnam and Cold War projects into some sort of order.

2 comments on “Operation Goodwood Megagame

  1. Paul Howarth says:

    Was this the game in Leeds? I was on the 3rd Canadian team and we spent the whole game trying to get any sort of additional support (to no avail). Very pleased to stop you throwing us back over the river to be honest, it was tight at times until we could find a way through a gap in the lines to the east of the city overnight.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Hello Paul- yes it was the Leeds game. It was a tough fight in the city- we were lucky to get all the support we did from corps HQ. At the end our flanks were very weak and you came very close to turning them. Are you at the next game in Leeds btw?



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