Xmas was OK- had better, had worse- I’m really a ‘Bah Humbug’ sort of person. However Santa was extra kind- directing people to my Amazon Wishlist really paid off as I got a big haul of books this year. Started reading ‘Ian Flemming’s Commandos’ half way through it already so it comes recommended from me.

Managed to get some time in my shed done as well, so I present what I’ve finished most recently:

A trio of modern US Vehicles- all from plastic kits. I’ve got a Iraq convoy game planned for them. The idea will be to go up one side of the board and then U turn to go down the opposite side. That way I get 12′ plus of road out of my small board. Hope fully the route Irish DVD I also got for Xmas may provide extra inspiration… pics once I’ve played the game.

At Triples earlier this year I picked up one of the Skytrex Riverine boats- in the case a heavily armed Alpha boat, packing a 20mm cannon turret, Twin .50 cal turret, 2 pintle mounted .30 cals and a .50cal/ mortar mount. Likewise I’ll be working up a suitable scenario for it (and trying to resist the temptation of buyi9ng more of the range).

I also finished of a batch of modern Africans- but I want to wait until my entire collection of them is completed before I post pics….




For a bit of light relief we played a game of All Things Zombies ( or All Tomorrow’s Zombies as I inadvertently keep calling it). It is published by Two Hour Wargames- our groups seems to be standardizing their range for all our 20mm skirmishes. It is nice to learn one basic system that works through a variety of periods.

The rule set is really nice- really captures the feel of all your favourite dodgy horror films. Create a gang before hand with afew quick dice rolls then set up your table and spend the game interacting with it i.e. raid buildings which might be empty, housing other survivors or more zombies, look for supplies, try to get a car going. One nice feature of the rules is that when your fire or try to drive you attract extra zombies. Clever use of this can be made to draw them away from where you want to go or lure them on to other unwary players (thanks Evan 🙂 ) the little green dice in the pic indicate this.

Here are a few pictures:

It was a bit of a struggle to find enough undamaged buildings in my terrain collection so that explains the different styles on the table top but the end result seemed good enough.

I used Elhiem and the infamous ‘Bag O Zmbies’ for the living dead. Civilians were from Elhiem, Liberation, Platton 20 and the old GW Dark Future range. The cars were just cheap toys I’d picked up.