Convoy Action.

A fortnight ago I went over to Evan’s house on the other side of town for a game (and a really nice Chilli Con carne it has to be said).

Evan has for the past few year developing a set of convoy action rules, ostensibly for a Med island hopping game our group has been planning, however the idea and rules he has come up with have evolved into a full formed game in it’s own right.

Using 1/3000th ships and 1/600th aircraft you can game an an air attack on the convoy, with the convoy able to have it’s own air cover too. Movement is regulated by a marked cloth using a variable scale to deal with the large distances involved. As the attacking aircraft move through the boxes they are engaged by the different weapon systems carried by the convoy. The attacking player has to plan his route carefully and correspondingly the convoy commander has to allocate his AA assets where he think the likely attack will come from.

In the game I had control of the convoy consisting of 1 aircraft carrier, 2 freighters, 1 oil tanker, 1 AA cruiser and 4 destroyers. Evan attacked with a motley collection of Italian and German aircraft; high level bombers, strafers, torpedo bombers and dive bombers. A bit of everything basically to try out as much of the rules as possible.

I lost one ship sunk, 1 dead in the water and 2 damaged, taking about half of the attacking aircraft out of the sky.

Here are a few pics of the game, the island (also by Evan is the ultimate goal of the convoy and backdrop to the planned campaign).



2 comments on “Convoy Action.

  1. That looked Very Fun! Lovely game set up!

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