Air War Gaming Plans.

Monday night is one of my regular game nights, and tonight’s was particularly productive. Firstly Brian, Evan and I ran through a couple of turns of the board game Attack ( with a view to having a proper, hopefully 4 player, crack at it in a weeks time.

After the quick run through the 3 of us brainstormed some ideas for future games. We have decided to run a SF campaign tying together GZGs Stargrunt and Full Thrust. This means getting a few more 20mm figures and a set of ships for me. Your collected 20mm historicals will fill in as human forces at different tech levels: medieval, black powder, 20th century etc….

In the week Evan sent me the final modifications to his Air War combat system, I intend to adapt it to the post WW2 era. We started playing Air War games with the introductory sets that are put out by Tumbling Dice (, over time these sets have been rewritten so that the only thing that remains is the movement table. I’m a big fan of the rules, and the modifications, as they are fast playing and can cope with a fair few numbers of planes on the board at once. Also as they are not hex based, unlike many other sets, we’ve not had to shell out for a hex map. My plan is to work out stats for the Korean conflict as well as rules for missiles. This should let us play Vietnam and Falklands games as well as any others. In the slightly longer term I’d like to modify the rules further to do a dedicated helicopter air to ground set.

Sticking with the Air War theme… I’ve developed an interest in the obscure ‘Alto Cenepa War’ fought between Ecuador and Peru in 1995. My plan is to develop the short conflict into a board- cum- miniatures game. I may well pick up some more 1/600 aircraft the next show I’m at….



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