NUTS! AAR- Tank Salvage.

Last Monday I ran wrote a scenario and umpired the game for Brian and Evan. Set in 1944 the Germans had to repair a Tiger that had been damaged in the days fighting whilst the Russians tried to stop them. It must be said It’s not an original scenario as I based it on a scenario from one of the Skirmish Campaign books on Kursk.

As a group we’ve only played a few games of NUTS! so we’re still getting to grips with the rules. The in-sight test seems to be proving the most contentious point; however with some feedback from the Two Hour Wargames yahoo group and the new in-sight table from Chain Reaction version 3 I think all of the problems will be resolved.

Anyway on with the pictures:

Given our inexperience with the game it didn’t pan out exactly as I hoped- it was too biased in favour of the Russians (who won easily) we overpowered the capabilities of the SMG which left the German player feeling slightly frustrated. Once I’ve rewritten/ ammeded the scenario we’ll give it another go.