Preparing for Zombies.

I mentioned quite a few posts ago that my group had played ‘All Things Zombie’ by 2 Hour Wargames, well this Friday we are starting a full campaign….

Friday night is usually RPG night, but experiences with recent RPG has left me feeling there is no roleplaying any more just a skirmish game done badly (RPG combat systems rarely make any sense), so the four of us decided to give a Zombie campaign ago. ATZ has a proven, working combat system and enough bolt on character elements to make things interesting.

A game of ATZ consists of your character(s) exploring the table to find more allies, guns, supplies etc whilst fighting/ avoiding zombies. As such it’ll be up to me each week to set up the table; as noted last time I’m rather short of intact buildings (90% of mine are damaged). To this end I turned to the very old range still carried by Dapol. I picked 2 kits up at Halifax Modeller’s World and 5 arrived this morning from Gaugemaster. Also I dug out an old Heljan kit I’ve had for 15 years and not made; its a satellite dish mounted on top a building: should be an interesting objective.

In fact I’m looking forward to getting some terrain built up especially for our campaign. I’ll ask everyone to see if they have any in mind that want in the game, in a quick chat with Brian a dock, prison and army base were all mentioned.

The Dapol buildings will come in handy for other projects too: any Cold War goes hot games as well as my previously mentioned Urban Dystopia idea. On that topic a small package of figures arrived from Eureka: some SLR armed squaddies and some Squaddies kitted out for riot duties. I recently picked up a Saracen and Land Rover ambulance too, from JB models, now Airfix. All I’m wanting for the project now is another Saracen, 2 Shorlands from Hobby Den and I’m pretty much set.

Once I’ve got the building glued and painted I’ll put the pics up.

7 comments on “Preparing for Zombies.

  1. Hi 20mm buildings can be a pain to find in Modern looking buildings. Have a lot of old Railroad buildings I use but not to many Modern late 20Th Cen and 21 Cen. I’ll look in to those buildings:)

  2. Hi I’ll look around for them great stuff sadly no good stockist around here. Just store that sells a lot of 40k a nd Stupid Card games:(
    Take care:)

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