Falklands War- Airfix Pucara

Airfix Pucara.

I’ve just finished this kit for the Guild forum’s year long project build. I picked the theme of ‘Aircraft’ simply because I’ve got more off them unmade in my stash than anything else.

I wanted at least one Pucara to go with my Falkands project so I thought the Airfix would be a nice quick build… sadly it was not to be. Rather than being an Airfix original it is a reissue of a limited run kit. This means badly fitting warped parts, loads of flash and no locating pins. Needless to say it was a bit of a pig to do; lots and lots of filler and sanding. Also there was no way to get the cockpit canopy to fit. After a coat of paint it is passable at wargames distances but it doesn’t hold up to close inspection.

I had planned to get four ultimately as targets for a scaled down Pebble Island raid but given the state of the kit I’ve abandoned that idea.


4 comments on “Falklands War- Airfix Pucara

  1. For bad kit, you’ve done a good job of getting it together. Looks great.

  2. Chris Kemp says:

    You have definitely captured the look with the very light camouflage and the distinctive beige and sea green colours. More at home on the Pampas than a windy bit of Shetlands-in-the-South :O)

    Kind regards, Chris

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Chris, pleased with how the paint went on- especially as I was using 15 year old Tamiya paints, never throw anything away is my motto (and why I’ve got a shed full of stuff).



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