Right we’re 2 weeks in to our Zombies campaign so I thought I upload some pics and outline where we’ve got up to.

Given that half the group is new to the system we started fairly slowly with some smaller games.

Brian (GM’ing/ umpiring the games) decided to set the opening game on day one of the Zombie outbreak and gave us 2 small 4′ by 2′ boards to fight down so the beginners got a chance to get familiar with the mechanics before they were overwhelmed with the undead hordes. Our character were all REP5 stars with 2 attributes each.

My character is on the right- a police officer with trusty K9 side kick. Fans of 70s exploitation cinema should recognise the female figure…. All figures are 20mm from Elhiem

The first board was a simple suburban street. Our party had to go from one end to the other to get to our cars to drive into the city- my police officer had to report in.

Keeping things simple got players used to the mechanics such as Fast Move.

Spotting the first Zombie… a quick nip into the house for guns and an even quicker shot resulted in an ex Zombie.

With all of the PCs in their respective cars the action on that board ended.

The action on the second board was just to get us all used to driving cars…

… and running over Zombies.

With the 2 mini games completed that was the end of the first session.

For the 2nd session the following week a bigger game was planned by Brian. 3 of the characters (one player was missing) were tasked with going to a hunting lodge to rescue the Police Chief’s (my character’s boss) father and daughter.

Arriving at the lodge our PCs found out that they were fishing at the stream. Advancing towards them we could hear screams so hurried along.

Zombies approached the father and his granddaughter. The man died of a heart attack, causing the girl to scream, attracting the zombies.

We got there in time to fight off the zombies and rescue the girl.

We moved cautiously out of the woods shooting the zombies as the appeared.

Given the low number of zombies that appeared it was relatively easy to shoot our way out… as the in the next session I have been reliable informed we are heading into the city it may bit a bit trickier.

All in all 2 great sessions of gaming.

8 comments on “Zombies.

  1. Ed says:

    Oh yeah, city, urban. Mo’ zombies mo’ betta. Thanks for posting,

  2. Sean says:

    Nice reports. Your Terrain looks very good. How do you feel about the scale of the Zombies!!! Playing pieces? They didn’t look too bad next to the Elheim figs. What brand are the cars? They also seem to fit well with 20mm.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Cheers Sean. They fit in really well with 20mms, cheap as chips too- I’ve got 200 of them now. The cars are from all over the place- mainly Cararama but also some cheap one from the supermarket, the scale of them can vary but they look close enough for my purposes.



  3. Looks like a great idea, looking forward what happens to your heroes. Has the K9 had a chance to do anything? Will he get infected if he bites a zombie?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Good point we’d not considered that, Hmmm- we’ve not seen any zombie dogs yet so it might not affect them, so hopefully I’ll be ok as he has bitten one or two so far….

  4. Phill says:

    Nice reports. It will get intense when you enter the big city…lot’s of zeds roaming around.

  5. Nice Zombie game. Looks to be a lot of fun.

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