Force on Force AAR- ‘A Few Blocks of Hell’

This Monday’s game night I umpired a game of Force on Force for Bill (Boss of Under Fire Miniatures) and Brian (Brush Wars blog).

As we’ve not had many games with the rules I decided to run the first scenario from the main rule book: ‘ A Few Blocks of Hell’ as a good way to get into the swing of infantry combat.

The board as seen from the US start line. Their objective was to take the two tall buildings on the back row.

The game was an interesting one- it went very much in the favour of the US (commanded by Bill) his superior Troop Quality to best effect. However a couple of bad rolls and a redeployment from Brian’s insurgents changed all that.

The scenery is a mix of my own scratchbuilds with a few resins as well. The US figures are all from Britannia while the insurgents are a mix of all sort with Liberation and Britannia predominating.

The US fireteams move up.

Bill’s left flanking maneuver reaps early rewards.

Brian consolidates his two teams that had taken casualties.

A team of Syrian jhiadists on overwatch- soon to play a critical part in the game.

First US casualties.

Brian takes more hits as the US continue to advance.

At this point in the game Brian made the decision to move his best units (Syrians) from the US right of the table to the center; this proved to be critical in stopping the US advance.

Jhiadists on the highground.

The firefight goes back and forth, but the superior numbers of the insurgents seems to carry it.

A rather messy end to the game- lots of close in action and everyone try desperatly to take each other captive. Sadly the insurgents dragged off 5 wounded Americans- a black day for the US army….

All in all a really good game- swung back and forth. All three of us had a better grasp of the rules by the games end. Next time I think I’ll move theaters to Chechnya as my Russians haven’t been on the table for a while. Also I’ve a few ideas regarding reinforcements that I want to try out.



4 comments on “Force on Force AAR- ‘A Few Blocks of Hell’

  1. Hey man Great work on this! Love those buildings. I really like a game where you can really do house to house. Fighting. I got my son some Middle East buildings a while back and we put floors in all of them:) the game looked awesome my friend it’s amazing how you do so much of the same games I do. If you ever want to move to USA I’ll help ya find great place. Then if you live near by we can set up some really big games.
    God Bless you and yours.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Cheers Dave. Good to see that great minds think alike. I’ve had relatively few Iraq games- I tend to mostly game Afghanistan when I get my desert terrainout.. will have to come up with another scenario soon. One of the best things about blogging is that it brings friends together who would otherwise not be in contact with each other- the bad thing is that with the geographic seperation we’ll not play games together. If I win the lottery I’d have to do a world wide gaming tour.



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