I’ve had the need for some suitable buildings for my modern games- both Zombies and those favourite ‘cold war goes hot’ scenarios. Whilst I have boxes of terrain the vast majority of the buildings are in ruins and are not quite suitable for my needs.

I decided to go back to basics an order some of the (very) old Airfix building now marketed by Dapol. Here are the results – which will also count as my entry in the Guild forum’s group build.

Welcome to Dapolville.

Featuring: a rusty crane…

… a small train station….

… the village Pub…

… a pair of houses…

… a pair of bungalows…

… and finally a small shop.




2 comments on “

  1. Mark says:

    Nice Pete. I own about two dozen of these models. Still to get the crane. There are just sooooo many windows in those houses!

    I turned the ticket office into a cricket pavillion and the bungalows are destined for Eastern Europe.

    The best value and most versatiule item in the range IMO is the garage/workshop. I bought several. With a little work they become farm out buildings, council depot etc.


  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    They kits have certainly held up given their age haven’t they. Still really useful and great value for money. Like your suggestions for the garage, may have to pick another up to have a play with.



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