Gaming Africa.

The Africa supplement for the Force on Force rules arrived yesterday, entitled Bush Wars it contains a mix of background info, scenarios, Orbats and painting tips. Given that it has plopped through my letter box yesterday it seems an appropriate time to review my plans for gaming Africa.

My main theatre I want to game is Rhodesia 1965-79. I got a lot of the Selous Scouts and Rhodesian Light infantry from Bill at Under Fire Miniatures- lovely figures too. I’ve got enough of them painted now to do a decent sized game. I picked up and Alouette III chopper from ebay that needs building up for them. Ideally I’d like a second so I can have on each of transport and gunship versions (G cars and K cars), also a Huey D would come in handy. As for ground vehicles it’s a shame no-one makes any of Rhodesia’s icon mine protected vehicles other than S and S ‘s Crocodile truck. Additionally a couple of Ferrets and Elend Armoured Cars would be good.

For the opposition I’ve collected a reinforced platoon sized group of irregulars who will play the part of ZANLA. Also I’m slowly acquiring a similar group of African’s in more regular dress for a ZIPRA force. It is also my plan to use these two platoons as generic forces for the whole continent.

Second to Rhodesia I’m interested in the South African bush war. I’ve got loads of the Liberation Miniatures figures for the period but sadly none of the Ratels, Casspirs of Buffels that characterize the Mechanized infantry. Liberation do Ratels as do S and S, who have just released a Casspir. Again the two generic platoons will provide the opposition, although there is the temptation to add some Cubans too.

As for scenery I’ve got a small shanty village, a few tin roofed buildings finished ; a rural mud hutted village is about half completed. These mixed in with my existing hills and trees should provide a suitable gaming board.

If I mix my existing middle eastern houses, the shanties, the generic irregular platoon and my desert US figures I should be able to do a decent set up for Mogadishu too- well that’s the plan anyway….

I’ve not had chance to fully read the Bush Wars supplement but having a good flick through has left me impressed. Covering the Congo and Portuguese experience, two areas I’m not up to speed on, it moves on to Rhodesia (5 scenarios) and the South African Bush war (7 scenarios), finally ending with Operation Barras in 2000. I was glad to see it didn’t cover the whole imagi-nation side of modern African gaming, the cartoony approach that it often entails leaves me a bit cold.




4 comments on “Gaming Africa.

  1. Mark says:

    Cartoony approach, that’s us! The great thing about our imagi-nation, Bakonga, is that anything goes. It’s a perfect opportunity to have tropical, sub-saharan and savannah all in one nation. Our games range from 1840’s up to the modern time and we can use any figures and vehicles we choose from WW2 up to the late seventies and are able to incorporate our favourite movies, books etc.

    I also do Angola in 15mm using Crossfire as QRF/Pig between them have a nice range of South African vehicles and I have 4 Heller 1/100th Alouettes after reading The Chopper Boys.

    Imagi-nation or historical, Africa has plenty of scope. Look forward to seeing how you get on.


  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    I can see the advantages of the idea but it’s not for me. The Peter Pig stuff is lovely but I’m a 20mm man all the way- get the most use out of my scenery that way.



  3. Mark says:

    Of course. My Pig/QRF stuff is legacy. To be honest, it will probably all go on ebay. I don’t have the eye to paint 15mm any more and it’s too small for gaming with Maff via Skype. Besides we are having too much fun with 20mm.


  4. Pete S/ SP says:

    How does the logistic work with gaming over skype? One table and the other guy looks at it through a webcam?



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