AAR- The Battle under the canopy.

For this weeks game Brian, Chris and I decided to try out the campaign system from 2 Hour Wargames FNG ruleset. Basically you generate a squad according to the rules and then guide them through a tour of duty. A really nice mix of an RPG and a skirmish game as you have individual attributes for each squad member that can be either an asset or a hindrance.

Once the squad were generate I rolled up the mission and terrain; I have to point out that I didn’t really take any part in the game. I merely ran the rules. All the actions that the VC took were randomly determined, I just kept the game going.

I’ll let Brian and Chris add in the comments section a description of their squad and how the game went.

As for the game the dice decided it was July 1966, somewhere in the interior of III Corps area. Both squads were detached from the platoon to conduct an evening patrol (only 5 turns of the 14 turn game took place in daylight) fortunately the weather was clear for the mission.

I divided my 6 by 4 foot able into 9 areas and diced for terrain and PEFs (PEFs are a rule mechanic that represent a possible ‘something’ out there. Could be something from a abandoned position to a platoon to a bad case of the nerves), 9 areas seemed a bit crowded so next time I’ll drop it down to 6 2 foot squares. The terrain featured a patch of double canopy jungle, where all the fighting happened, surrounded by forest and scrub before going into a clear but hill corner. A Few buildings were dotted about but they were empty of civilians. The game took a bit of prep work and I needed a lot of stuff brought through out of the shed just in case it was needed from a dice roll.

To keep the atmosphere going I put on some Doors and Jimi Hendrix CDs too.

The game table showing terrain types.

The arrival of the MFVC that was to be Brian and Chris’ was determined in part by the Poltical status of the region the game was set it: in this case level 3: Pacified. However when rolling for the Enemy Activity Level I rolled very high getting a 4. Free World Forces (FWF) support was set at 3. The numbers of PEFs present ended up at 7.

Another view of the table.

The game started off simply enough when the 2 US squads entered the table under the double canopy to investigate the 2 first PEFs…

One of which turned out to be a squad in a defnesive position.

One short firefight later with Chris’ squad half the VC are dead or out of the fight the remainder are running for it.

However the next PEF was a bit more serious…

… a full MFVC platoon having a chinwag. Another, bigger, firefight took place, much use was made of grenades, and Chris’ squad came out on top.

Dealing with the masses of VC that the US stumbled upon allowed the other PEFs on the table to form up and attempt to swarm the the now stalled US patrol. Chris’ squad on the US right flank took the worst of it with a MMG team and 2 assault teams turning up and attempting to rush the grunts.

Resulting in some nasty melee fights.

A VC assault team moving in for the kill.

Bad activation dice rolling meant for a couple of consecutive turns the US were impotent while the VC moved in. Brian’s squad on the quieter left flank tried and failed to call in some danger close mortars to held out his beleagured team mate.

Instead he consolidated his position but only found a tunnel entrance for his trouble, which he duly noted for later destruction.

While this was happening his medic tried to help Chris’ now much depleted squad but that selfless act got his killed.

Another VC assault team about to overrun the remains of Chris’ squad.

After ten turns the US withdrew from the field of battle, without moving beyond their first area all game. However the sheer number of VC killed meant that on paper the game was a win for the FWF. Chris paid a heavy price- many wounded and a nearly unforgivable 4 MIA.

All what was left to do was tidy up and write a must see list of ‘Nam films for Chris to watch to bring him up to speed.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evenings gaming. I’m looking forward to running through my own platoon in due course too.



3 comments on “AAR- The Battle under the canopy.

  1. What a patrol. We set off beliveing that my squad may have been the weaker link having only 2 rep 4s and and 5 rep 3s as well as having such wonderful atributes as Wuss, Coward and Dumbass. When the first pef was revealed by Chris and he swiftly despatched it i started to write up a combat log however this was dropped as we found the full platoon. They were nicely taken out with a well placed grenade.

    My squad took out the remainder and we even had a potential live prisoner to take back, so after a quick discussion we decied to consolidate our postion as we were only 2 turns in and collect the wounded, both ours and theirs and call up some support to take them back to base. I mananged to get my people into some kind of defencive screen but Chris squad were a bit more dissorganised. We then had several turns where we couldnt move which caused so much hell to decend upon chris is was like a scene from We were soliders.

    In the end when we finaly could move we managed to get my medic who had died trying to revive some of chris’s squad. but that didnt happen. So out we pulled to face another day. Those MIA’s way heavily on my mind. And also there is that Tunnel. With the ammount of force that was around it in a supposadly pacified area im thinking that maybe there may be more to it than a simple weapons cache.

    Anyway tata now, ill see you on the flip side.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Very enjoyable report – thanks for sharing. I like the bamboo skewer (?) double canopy jungle.

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