Update – Mid September…

I’ve not been keeping up as much as I wanted with my blog so I thought I’d do a quick update.

I’ve a couple of game AARs to put up so watch out for those this coming week… including some thoughts of NUTS!/2HW rules.

I’ve got 2 little projects on the go. Evan is planning a big game up at his house. Playing a DDay para game on a 6 by 8 foot table should be good. Thing is we need some cows both dead and alive. To that end I’ve bought a pack of the Pegasus Farm animals for the live ones and I’ll be ordering some dead ones from Sgts. Mess in a shortwhile.



The 2nd project is a little something for the Cold War: a platoon of US Mechanized infantry with a few support bits. I’m aiming for 2 Revell M60s, 4 Airfix M113s for the infantry and 2 converted M113s in the Anti tank role. The figures will be coming from Elhiem and Liberation- who will also be providing the M113 conversions. Should be a nice little skirmish force. I’m going for the MERDC camo scheme so that will place them in the late 70s/ early 80s. Basically before the M1 Abrams entered service as well as the ‘Fritz’ helmet and Minimi (M249).

Personally I think that technologically speaking the later you set a WW3 what if game the bigger disadvantage the Soviets have. So it should be interesting to see how things match up on the table top.



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