Fiasco 2012.

Just back from helping Bill (Under Fire Miniatures) at Fiasco in Leeds.

Wasn’t a bad show- good to chat to various people. Though the show seemed a little quiet compared to last year. Some nice game (sorry no pics) Steve’s Sicily game is always nice to see. An Afghan game set in the 20s was well done too and the ancients naval game caught my eye too.

Didn’t buy much- just some more recce troops for Vietnam as well as enough bits to finish off my ‘Nam firebase project too- so expect pics of that soon.

I picked up the vac formed trench piece I won in the Society of Gentleman Gamers charity auction. It’s huge, far bigger than I anticipated.

I was expecting something half the size that I could work into some sort of entrenched hill though given it’s footprint currently that would make it unfeasibly large… will have to think on….

Also I’ve got behind on posting my game reports so I hope to remedy that in the upcoming week so watch this space.



Latest finshed bits and pieces.

Been busy in the shed recently- keeping track of what I get painted over time is a really good motivator. Though I really should make more of an effort to get more things photographed. Still I pulled out the camera for these bits.

First up- an army marches on its stomach so I added this nice little field kitchen from Sgts. Mess:

Bill at Under Fire Miniatures has released some nice 20mm Armed British Police. Here are both packs painted up:

Both things were painted with my usual technique- block paint then wash then drybrush; I often find all (or nearly all) black figures hard to paint but I’m pleased with how the Police figures turned out given the time I spent on them.