3rd Quarter progress report.

All in all a very productive quarter- although my biblomania is reaching terminal proportions.

Figures acquired: 74. Figures Painted: 144.
Kits bought: 7 (the aforementioned Cold War project). Kits painted: 14.
Books acquired: 44. Books read: 32.



2 comments on “3rd Quarter progress report.

  1. wargamingresources says:

    I was in shock until I realised this is a Quarter’s report – I thought you had done this in a month!

    I think you should include how many meals and hours of sleep you miss ;-))

    Cheers, Iain

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      I always make sure I eat and sleep- would never miss out on a meal (was bangers and mash this evening- delicious).

      Seriously though I found I got a lot more productive by not trying to paint everything to the best of my ability rather just go for a ‘good enough for the gaming table’ approach.



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