Tanks Forward, Bagration 1944- Game Report- Part 2

…. continued from yesterday’s post…

One of the pair of PEFs that were behind the hill was identified as a field kitchen:

However Evan’s IS2 versus a Goulashkannon is a no contest, but as he crested the hill another ATG was revealed, this time a 5cm PAK38:

A burst of MG fire and a HE shell forced back the crew, At this point Chris’ IS2 lagged behind as his commander was of a lower REP so activated less:

The next board is laid down, the rock face fronted hill would prove to be the crux of the game:

Meanwhile the PAK38 is crushed under IS2 tracks:

A general shot of the board from the West board edge- not the two PEFs behind the hill:

AS one of the PEFs turns out to be a Tiger tank, from the photo’s left we have Evan’s then Chris’ IS2s and then Brian’s T34/85. Here the three Soviet players really need to work together to take out the biggest threat in the game:

As the IS2s lay down AP shots the T34/85 charges forward to try to turn a flank:

Even the flank armour is hard to crack:

Remember that there were two PEFs behind the hill…? Well the second one turned out to be a squad of infantry, as the Soviets were no considering an assault with AT grenades it really made life difficult for them:

With the Infantry squad taking care of the attacking Tank Riders and taking out the T34/85 with a very lucky Panzerfaust shot the Tiger could pick off the two IS2s, winning the back and forth exchange of AT shots and ending the game.

The three Soviet players had done very well, they has revealed 16 feet of the board and all but two of the PEFs (the STUGIII and MMG didn’t make it on to the table) but the Tiger was too strong for them and in their panic to take it out didn’t coordinate their actions as well as they might have. Either way it was a great game- Chris, Evan and Brian enjoyed playing it and I enjoyed running it. For one of the little scenario experiments it worked very well. It’s an idea I’ll be making use of in the future, it would work well for any tank based attack or even a convoy game, so watch this space- I’m thinking early war Blitzkrieg and possibly Gulf War 1 too.



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