Tanks Forward, Bagration 1944- Game Scenario.

For the last game I ran I decided to try out a few ideas I had floating around. Namely that of a rolling board to give more playing area to my usual 6 foot long board, also I wanted to explore some of the player versus the game aspects that the 2 Hour Wargames rules offer. The game made use of the PEF system that is prevalent in their rules but with some modifications of my own.

I decided on a scenario set in Operation Bagration- 3 players would take on the roles of tank commanders whilst I would umpire the game and run the mechanics.

Basically the players would start at one end of the table and drive forward as far as possible destroying as much as possible. The idea was to represent the period after a break through when the tanks are rampaging through the German’s rear areas. This was the briefing that the three Soviet players received:

Tanks Forward, 1944.

Soviet Briefing.

Date: Summer 1944.
Location: Eastern Front.
Situation: The first assault of Operation Bagration has broken through the German front line; it is up to our tank units to exploit the situation.
Victory Conditions: Cover as much ground as possible, destroy as many targets as possible.
Initial deployment: Enter the eastern board edge.
Support Level: n/a
Special Rules: Pick an AFV (T34/85 or IS2 or ISU122 or Sherman), generate a crew and accompanying SMG squad. Vehicles carry 30 rounds of ammo it is up to you to split this between HE/AP/Smoke. Tank Riders carry 4 grenades: 2 fragmentation 2 Anti Tank.



Tank commander (Star) REP: Attributes:

Crew man 2 Position: REP: Attribute:

Crew man 3 Position: REP: Attribute:

Crew man 4 Position: REP: Attribute:

Crew man 5 Position: REP: Attribute:


Tank Riders:

NCO SMG REP: Attribute:

Private SMG REP: Attribute:

Private SMG REP: Attribute:

Private SMG REP: Attribute:

Private SMG REP: Attribute:

The Reputations and Attributes were generated as per the NUTS! rules. Also using the NUTS! rules I generated an 18 foot by 4 foot table to play on; though I only generated 1 set of terrain per 2 foot square section, this is meant to be ideal tank country after all and I hoped it would facilitate the rolling board system. My gaming table is made from three 2 foot by 4 foot boards; as soon as the last tank left the rearmost board it was stripped down, the other 2 pushed back and it was place at the front with the appropriate scenery on it.

The following are the notes I used to run the game:

German/ Umpire Briefing.

Date: Summer 1944.
Location: Eastern Front
Situation: Russian Tanks
Victory Conditions: n/a
Initial deployment: Behind cover in middle of each 2 foot square.
Support Level: n/a
Special Rules: When Player has LOS to a PEF- pull a chit from the cup and consult the table below. All PEFs and spawning units are REP 4.


1-6: False alarm.
7: Field kitchen and 2D6 men only half armed.
8: HQ of 3 Officers and 2 Dav men in foxholes.
9: Medium Mortar team of 4 men in foxholes.
10: MMG team of 4 men in position.
11: Infantry squad of 2Dav men with 1 LMG and 1 Panzerfaust
12: Infantry squad of 2Dav men with 1 LMG and 1 Panzerfaust in foxholes
13: PAK 38 ATG and 5 Crew and tow, on a 6 it is limbered.
14: PAK 40 ATG and 5 crew and tow, on a 6 it is limbered.
15: 105mm Howitzer and 6 crew with SDKFZ tow, on a 4-6 it is limbered.
17: Nashorn
18: Tiger I

I tried to balance the variety of forces that the Soviet players would encounter. 1/3 were false alarms, 1/3 were infantry based targets whilst the final 1/3 were a bit more dangerous to the tanks.

The game report will be in the next post.




2 comments on “Tanks Forward, Bagration 1944- Game Scenario.

  1. This is a well done scenario. I have a larger one which can be played with NUTS although it is written for another set of rules. It could be easily modified for this scenario. Will take a look at it and see what I can do. Good inspiration. I would change the 2dav which I think is 2 average dice to Grenadier squad and let the table in the rules determine the size and composition of the German squads. Also, any infantry heavy weapons and any guns NOT being towed should be dug-in and camouflaged.

  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Thanks Mike. Glad you liked it. I had intend to dig in the deployed guns and such like but whilst running the game it kind of slipped my mind. If I re run the game I’ll incorporate your suggestions from the yahoo group about the off table fire. The Nashorn was rather underused in the game- as it came out right at the start.



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