Battle of Grozny- 1995. AAR. Part 1.

As I mention in my holiday post I’ve been working on some stats for post WW2 vehicles for the 2 Hour Wargames rules to allow us to play NUTS! games set from 1945 to the modern day. It took a fair while to get a basic stats list but once I had a workable list I wanted to play test them. So last Monday’s game was the first test….

One of my long time interests is in Russian military history as well as counter insurgency/ asymmetrical warfare, accordingly I decided to put the 2 together and run a game set in Chechnya; loosely based on the rather disastrous Russian attack into Grozny in 1995. As the real life battle was so one sided I ran the game as a co-op: three Chechen players (Brian, Chris and Evan) whilst I ran the game (basically consisting of shovelling Russian units up the table to their doom).

The rules used were NUTS! 2, with the insight test from CR3.0 bolted on. To speed play we did our groups usual trick of just rolling reaction tests against the group leaders REP.

Each player was given the following briefing:

Chechen Briefing.

Date: January 1995.
Location: Grozny, Chechnya.
Situation: The Russia are attacking our city with a large ill advised armoured push. Inshallah our ambush teams will defeat them. Sadly RPG rounds are limited so have been rationed until it is certain this is the main push by the invaders.
Victory Conditions: Kill as many Russians as possible, destroy as many Russian vehicles as possible.
Initial deployment: Set up your team as you see fit up to 4′ away from your board edge. The resupply Jeep must be positioned with the consent of all players, it contains unlimited reloads.
Special Rules: All men carry 2 fragmentation grenade each. When re arming with RPG warhead 1 man can carry 4. Roll a D6 at the start of the game on a 5-6 you have 2 improved RPG warheads.


Roll a D6 per man: 1- REP3, 2-5- REP4, 6- REP5.

Leader 1 with AK.

Leader 2 with AK.

1 Gunner with PKM. Fires as MG34, no loader needed.

1 Gunner with RPK. Fires as BAR, no loader needed.

Gunner with RPG7, 3 warheads.

Gunner with RPG7, 3 warheads.

Gunner with SVD, figure regardless of REP has marksman attribute.

1 man with AK.

As mentioned in the briefing there was a GAZ jeep full of reloads for the RPGs. If they ran out of warheads they had to think about their own resupply. I added this in to give the players something else to think about in what would have otherwise been a mainly static defensive game.

The opposition for the Chechens were provided by a set of pre- loaded PEFs and a few special rules from this list:

Umpire notes for Battle of Grozny.

Game uses pre loaded PEFs. Three enter the table on turn 1, on subsequent turns roll a D6- 1-4 1 extra PEF, 5-6 2 extra PEFs.

The Russians will advance down the street firing on targets as they see them.

Roll a D6 per vehicle, and a separate D6 per dismount element if applicable:
1-4 REP 3, 5-6 REP 4. For APCs/IFVs roll a D6 on 1-4 squad carried internally, 5-6 squad is on foot next to vehicle.

Tanks and BMP1 cannot fire at targets higher than second floor.

Full destroyed units can be recycled back into the pot.

1. T80 with ERA.

2. T80

3. T72

4. T62

5. BMP1 with a squad of 8

6. BMP2 with a squad of 8

7. BMD with a squad of 4 (+1 to the die roll when determining REP)

8. BTR80 with a squad of 8

9. BTR70 with a squad of 8

10. BRDM2

The list of vehicles isn’t meant to be particularly historically accurate but rather to get as many differing types of AFV on the table for play test purposes. Each different PEF was recycled through the game until I had exhausted that particular type of model from my collection.

Coming next Part 2- Pictures from the game.



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