Greatcoats, Cows and Ruins.

In other words what I’ve been busy doing in my shed.

First up- a selection of 20mm Greatcoated Germans from Under Fire Miniatures. I lightly converted on by adding a telephone cable reel for a scenario I have in mind.



Evan has a collection of WW2 US paras and is keen to play through the 2HW campaign system ‘Blood on the Risers’, we had a quick look at the rules to see if we had everything we need to play the games. We had with just one exception- a quantity of cows both dead and alive. I volunteered to get and paint them. So far so good but with a slight misunderstanding on my part; two of each would have been ample, instead a got a small herd….


Toymaster were having a sale in town, Airfix/ Hornby kits were heavily discounted. Resisting the temptation to add to me Soviet Air force I did pick up a pair of resin Dutch houses. Coming in a very dense cream resin I decided that they could do with a bit of detailing before I slapped some painting on. One got a small base with rubble made from spare bits of Linka and cat litter. The second got a bigger base with a bank for a surrounding hedge, similar rubble and a shell crater.

The fronts. Still a WIP.

The fronts. Still a WIP.

The rears.

The rears.




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