Greatcoats, Cows and Ruins.

In other words what I’ve been busy doing in my shed.

First up- a selection of 20mm Greatcoated Germans from Under Fire Miniatures. I lightly converted on by adding a telephone cable reel for a scenario I have in mind.



Evan has a collection of WW2 US paras and is keen to play through the 2HW campaign system ‘Blood on the Risers’, we had a quick look at the rules to see if we had everything we need to play the games. We had with just one exception- a quantity of cows both dead and alive. I volunteered to get and paint them. So far so good but with a slight misunderstanding on my part; two of each would have been ample, instead a got a small herd….


Toymaster were having a sale in town, Airfix/ Hornby kits were heavily discounted. Resisting the temptation to add to me Soviet Air force I did pick up a pair of resin Dutch houses. Coming in a very dense cream resin I decided that they could do with a bit of detailing before I slapped some painting on. One got a small base with rubble made from spare bits of Linka and cat litter. The second got a bigger base with a bank for a surrounding hedge, similar rubble and a shell crater.

The fronts. Still a WIP.

The fronts. Still a WIP.

The rears.

The rears.



5 comments on “Greatcoats, Cows and Ruins.

  1. Hey the miniatures look great:) Love the cows but it looks like Aliens had a Field day doing odd cattle Mutilations:) LoL

  2. Hi oh yes wife just sent me one today on the Blaze news. In the Southwest it’s Very bad! Insurance companies don’t even want to pay for cattle that die that way anymore! Have a Friend who is a rancher in Utah And he has loss a lot of the last few years as has his others around him!

  3. Hi sent the News report give it a read it’s just like all the others same pattern:(

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