More bits from the Shed.

I’ve had a burst of productivity- not as sustained as I wanted but something is better than nothing in my attempt to reduce the lead mountain.

First up is a Dragon 1/72 NeuBauFahrZug ready for an action in Norway (I’ve no real plans for a Norway game, well hadn’t I suppose):


Then there is aBT42 to support my small Finnish forces for the Continuation War. It is an old WW1 ear British Howitzer shoe horned into a new turret on the old Russian BT chassis.


Now for something more modern… a group of Chechens I got from Under Fire Miniatures.


Also one of each of their packs of generic militia:


And finally a quick paint job on a Hornby house I picked up cheap:




4 comments on “More bits from the Shed.

  1. tankguy1 says:

    Norway. SKIRMISHCAMPAIGN books has a Norway Campaign book as well AA Finnish book. I have the Finnish book but not the Norwegian one. Finns use your BT8. Not sure on the German tank.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks for the heads up on those. Next time I’m at a show I’ll keep an eye out for them. Pretty sure I can rope in my friends BEF to play the part of the Brits there.



  2. Chris Kemp says:

    The NeuBauFahrZeug is definitely one of those “let’s have a parade with them” tanks isn’t it? Nice rendition.

    Kind regards, Chris

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