Latest painted items.

Here are some pics of the latest items that I’ve finished working on.


First up a selection of late war German vehicles (The Kubel isn’t mine it is for Bill/Westy of UFM’s collection).

Now that I’ve got 6 Tigers painted I can do a NWE game that I’ve always wanted to do: every German tank is represented by a Tiger until properly identified by the allies. This represents the number of times Tigers were reported when they weren’t there and the tendency to over estimate the power of armour by the infantryman. This idea is replicated in the NUTS! 2HW ruleset.


A selection of ‘Cops and Robbers’ by Elhiem, they’ll find themselves in a variety of modern games.


Some old Dark Future bikes.


Some more Dark Future infantry for my collection. All Dark Future items are commanding high prioces on ebay at the moment.


2 Lions, 2 Tigers and 2 Oxen by Irregular miniatures.

The last three items will hopefully feature in a forthcoming 2HW ‘After the Horsemen’ game… watch this space.



2 comments on “Latest painted items.

  1. Sean says:

    Good looking stuff. I’ll have to re-investigate the Elheim cops, I only recognize the 70’s cops I think. And Dark Future, another brand I missed, I’ll keep an eye out. Still searching for the ellusive 1/72 (20mm) Sci Fi.

  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Thanks Sean. Your hunt for 20mm SF may be coming to an end- Khurasan have been previewing a model on the Guild forum…. Looks very nice- some sort of hover tank.



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