A little bit of Italian…?

Just a few quick pictures tonight of some Italian bits fresh from the shed.

First up a pair of Italeri 1/72 Sahariana scout cars.


A small selection of CP Models Decima Mas infantry for the RSI period of the war. I can see these figures being used in either an Anzio, Gothic Line or anti Partisan themed games in the future.



Finally and just to prove I am unable to concentrate on one thing at once, a pair of Zvesda Soviet Maxim MMG teams:




10 comments on “A little bit of Italian…?

  1. Really Love those Italian Cars Pete! You did a Super nice job on them they look real!! The WW2 Italians are one of my Favorite armies. I have them in 12mm 15mm 20mm 28mm And a few Micro Armor. I’m going to look in to those CP models Nice work on them and the MGS.
    Take care my friend

  2. Oh man I’m going to have to start putting some flowers on my bases they look fantastic! My bases are to dull I think. Those really do make them look super. How did you make them? Thanks

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      I bought them like that on sheets from a wargames show. If you have any trouble finding any let me know and I’ll sort some out for you.



      • Hi that’s very kind I’ll find some they look Super nice you could win Painting Contest I never do enough to my Bases:( I had so many minis to paint I’m always behind 😦 Keep up the Great Helpful Post my friend:)

      • Pete S/ SP says:

        I’ll buy you some at the next wargames show I go to and send them across to you.



  3. Hey Great! On keeping Some honor to the Italians in WW2 they had one big problem with their Equipment and that was German supplies had prioritie #1 so all the jokes about Italian tanks having one gear are very sad. These old guys my dad spoke to It was about 9 Italians was in Dak and 3 others in Russia and 2 who joined up in Northern Italy in 1944 and 4 that were fighting from start and were in Northern Italy and Greece and Spain the most. Anyway all Said very clearly they were not getting near enough Italian Replacement parts for anything:( All did Love Rommel tho:) My dads friends that fought in Northern Italy. They hated the Italians in Rome they said gave up. They called them evil Cowards cause while these guys were fighting all 3 had their Families murdered Rape by Italian Communist and so called freedom fights: ( they also Stole every thing they killed whole villages the old sick and Women kids a babies They hated the Communist and traitors as they called them they had to flee to USA One was in Foreign legion for 8 years. They all had to start over with Hearts broken and Dead families:( it was awful to hear the stories they told of the Communist etc… Anyhow you do the Brave men Honor 3 were GREAT COOKS! Two had pizza places Man miss that Pizza it was Outstanding!

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