Triples, Sheffield, 2013.

I’ve just spent the weekend in Sheffield at the Triples show. Not a bad weekend- though it did seem a bit quieter than last year.

I didn’t take any pictures- mainly because I’m terrible at photography, however there are many good photo sets in the blogging community out there.

I was particularly taken with a large scale Mad Max participation game that re create the classic assault on the oil tanker that makes up the climatic ending of the second installment. Shame I didn’t find the time to have a go myself- kicking myself now. Loved the film inspired costumes too.

That said I did spend a very pleasant half hour playing the Wargames Development’s participation game called Ten Rounds Rapid. Based on an abstracted grid the game saw a brave Battalion of the BEF try to hold off the advancing Picklehaube’d Germans.

Even with my typically bad dice rolling the game was closer than I expected. The seemingly endless Germans advanced as I tried to pin them (to slow their advance) or kill them before they got to my hastily dug scrapes that formed my defence line. Extra machine gun fire and artillery for each side was determined by a random card draw. The game came to a conclusion as the Germans were assaulting my defence line, the Colonel, representing me, was sent into the line to personally lead a counter attack, this held the line until the end of the game but turned out to be a posthumous victory as me/ the Colonel was killed in the counter attack.

All great fun but given the 100 year anniversary of the start of WW1 is next year I couldn’t help but have the sober reflection that I was now one of the many names carved on the war memorials in practically every village in the country….

Other games looked good too- another WW1 themed game- this time biplane dogfights proved very popular as did a Stalingrad game in 15mm. An game set in 1920s Central America got my attention too- unusual periods always appeal and the execution of the game was good. A modern Iraq game proved interesting with some rather ingenious card terrain.

I bought a bit- I had some cash from a recent birthday: I picked up a couple of books, some resin terrain, WW2 Hungarians for a Budapest project (more of that later) and a few support weapons for a WW2 Polish platoon I’m raising. I picked up a few 1/600th aircraft for Evan and got a few for myself- 1995 Cenepa War- seem what I mean about liking obscure periods.



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