The Shed spews forth yet more

Been slowly plugging away at the pile and getting a few bits done.

First up a resin house that I picked up from Timecast at the Triples show.

It is based on the house featured in the painting ‘Cemetery at St. Privat’



I also finished up the last batch of Decima Mas troops I had to paint for my RSI project. I thought I’d do a group photo of all of them now. I’ve done a headquarters stand, some LMG gunner both moving and prone, loads of SMG and rifle armed rank and file with some Panzerfausts, Panzerschrecks and mortars in support.





The figures are either CP models in metal or Waterloo 1815 in plastic.

Brian and I were talking about doing some more Vietnam gaming, however he said that we needed some big trees to represent the high canopied jungle so prevalent in that war. So I went into the shed and using what was lying about I came up with a cheap and cheerful solution to the problem. A CD base, balsa, bamboo cane and air drying clay for the trunk and pan scrubbers covered in flock for the canopy. Not the best buiold I’ve ever done but certainly quick and effective which were the main criteria. I reckon with a few more pan scrubbers and flock I can do another 8 easily with the cane I’ve got left which should be plenty for our purposes.



However upon put the pics on to my PC I can see that the edges need touching up on the canopy but that is only a 5 minute job.




One comment on “The Shed spews forth yet more

  1. These look really good, trees look excellent in the bark as it were. Also the speed you’ve turned those figures out is great.

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