2nd quarter Progress Report.

The score on the doors are:

Figures Painted: 211 (respectable, though half of that total is from April)
Kits Painted: 9 (really not good enough there)
Books read: 31 (again I could do better)

Played plenty of games though- mostly air war. Should have some news about my modern project soon too.



2 comments on “2nd quarter Progress Report.

  1. Joe says:

    Pete, that is still far better than what I can even claim. Figures: 0, Kits: 0 , Books: 3.75 (I am about 3/4ths of the way on my current book)

    So I wouldn’t be too down on your numbers!


  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Thanks Joe- I still try to do as much as possible as it is good ‘therapy’ for me.



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