The Original Beutepanzer: WW1 MkIV in German colours.

A cursory trawl about the internet seems to show that WW1 is a topic decidedly less popular than WW2 or moderns with the average gamer (the most obvious exception to the sweeping statement is the superb Roundwood’s World blog), this is true even for me. Though I do pick up bits from time to time and put them in a project box for later… I looked in it the other day it has a fair bit in now.

One thing that I do enjoy is the early tanks, they tend to make it to the top of my painting queue fairly quickly. The great Emhar kit of the MK IV is no exception. Having already got a ‘male’ and ‘female’ example I decided to do this one as a captured one, using the decals from the kit.



As it happens the Germans had more captured Mk IVs than they did of their own A7Vs. Pretty pleased with how this turned out- though the top rails broke so I left them off, no worries though.




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