2014 projects- a few ideas.

Given that it is the start of the year I thought I’d best outline my hobby plans for the forthcoming 12 months. Perhaps making the ideas floating in my brain tangible (as much as anything is tangible on the net) might help me do more; much as the quarterly progress reports have massively upped my productivity.

An that topic: a quick glance at 2012 stats shows I was marginally less productive in the last year (only by 10%), either way it gives me a figure to aim for.

Anyway enough dry stats… first thing that comes to mind is to finish my writing project ASAP (I’ll be honest I have been procrastinating on it, to the point of avoiding other things, bad of me I know).

With regards to figures I’ve ordered some Zulu 1/72 plastic. I really enjoyed the game that Evan put on a bit ago so I decided to get some of my own to add to his collection, hopefully it will be a catalyst to game some more. My plan is to get 1 15 figure unit of Natal Native Horse, 1 20 man British infantry unit and 3 20 man Zulu units. Being as it will all be in plastic it shouldn’t break the bank either. With the numbers it should only be a couple of months painting time too.

Also I got a rather good scenario booklet ‘In the name of Roma’ on the Italians on the Eastern Front from here: http://cstoesen.blogspot.ca/2013/09/in-name-of-roma-is-released.html

As I’ve got enough Soviet figures I’ve decided to get the relevant Italian forces to play the games through. A list has been made and I plan to pick up the figures at the next show I get to.

As I’ve got more 20mm WW2 figures than I need for skirmish purposes I’m aiming to get them based up for higher (command) level games- namely Blitzkrieg Commander and Megablitz.

Finally: I got a copy of the book ‘Shanghai 1937: Stalingrad on the Yangtze’. I’m sure that this will be interesting as I’ve read a bit on the city already, their police force was surprisingly far sighted, and it was the childhood home of one JG Ballard. Either way given the circular way my interest in gaming and history works I’ll end up wanting to explore the era in miniature form, again I think that more plastics will be obtained with a few choice metal addition. As a side note if anyone can recommend a good 20mm sized Japanese command pack that isn’t just made up of myopic sword waving officers it would be most appreciated; sadly the companies that I’ve looked at have had a very limited imagination when it comes to depicting them. Officers planning round a table would be ideal. Still if I did get a Japanese force it could quite easily fight my existing Soviet collection in either ’30 or ’45, see it is all circular….



2 comments on “2014 projects- a few ideas.

  1. Michael says:

    Chris Stoesen is a clever chap and does good work. I have his Terrible Sharp Sword ACW supplement and it was worth every penny.
    I don’t know anything about 20mm Japanese figure lines but I will look up that book, sounds fascinating.
    Wishing you and your hobby plans all the best in 2014,

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Michael- hope you have a productive year as well.

      I’ve read through the Italian scenario book and was very impressed- I’ll definitely look out for the rest of his stuff (even though I’m not the biggest TFL fan).



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