Converting a Land Rover (1/76)

My shed has been resembling a small scale back street garage recently (probably due to those Discovery Channel show I watch when insomnia strikes). I have chosen to make a tracked Land Rover.

It was inspired by a blog post by Mike over at the Bunker Talk blog who was showning off his latest diecast finds. I thought one looked perfect for a conversion I had in mind but had other wise dismissed as too awkward.

So the next time I went into town I had a poke about and bought myself one of these:


and one of these:


to make one of these:

The track assemblies aren’t perfect but close enough for me:


A bit of cutting freed the plastic parts:


and after a little trimming I was left with these:


The remained of the diecast was saved to be turned into part of a scrap heap. The next step will be to make up the plastic Land Rover but leave off the wheels then attempt to marry the two parts together.

To be continued….



6 comments on “Converting a Land Rover (1/76)

  1. What a bizzare and completely unneccessary conversion. Well done sir!

  2. Mathyoo says:

    Looks promising! Can’t call it unnecessary, you never know when the next ice age will come! 😀

  3. he British Army was still running Land Rovers at their training unit in Alberta when I was posted there a few years ago. They were on their last legs then. I still remember riding in the back over 70 kms of dirt roads one summer, and the sand sifting into the back and almost choking and rattling to death. But they were fun. Your conversion idea looks very clever, I’m sure it will be amazing when done.

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