More WW1 tanks.

I’m still collecting 20mm WW1 tank kits with no real purpose in mind other than I like it, though I often consider some sort of Plan 1919, the ideas were there for the genesis of modern mechanized warfare but (fortunately) the war ended before they had to be implemented.

These two are from Early War Minitures:


We have a Mark V female which made its debut at the Battle of Hamel and a Mark IX supply/ personnel carrier tank, a few were finished by the time of the armistice but did not any service.



The last Mark IX can be found in the Bovington Tank Museum.

I did find this short video of a Mark IX being used for amphibious trials post- armistice.



4 comments on “More WW1 tanks.

  1. 172fixer says:

    I’m collecting 20mm WWI tanks as well (Emhar and Hat) in hopes of gaming Robert Conroy’s: 1920: America’s Great War. I’ve yet to source a FORD USA 3 TON TANK in 20mm or 1/72 scale, but I’m hopeful! 🙂

  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Found one for you:

    though it’s a little pricey…

    There are pictures of it on the Henk of Holland site:

    Not familiar with the Conroy book though- any good?



  3. 172fixer says:

    I’ve got to admit, I bought the book strictly on the premise and have only budged the first couple of pages. Sadly, it will probably go down as a wasted purchase, but it did reinforce that the concept would make a great game! (I’ve added that idea to the queue!) 🙂

    And thanks for the link. I love Henk’s site, although I try to avoid resin, as the cost is usually high while the durability is usually too low. I reckon I’ll just hang out for some company to crank out a metal version (Although, I’ve seen one done in paper…it may not be durable, but it would be a heck of a lot cheaper!)

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Fair enough, I read a Turtledove book a bit back that had a similar premise, the ACW kicks off again in 1914 after in ended in stalemate in the 1860s.

      I know what you mean about kits, metal is too heavy and expensive, plus paint wears off quickly, resin, too fragile and plastic kits have too many parts, it’s a compromise which ever one you go for….



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