Tracked Land Rover and swamps- fresh from the Shed

I’ve finished the Land Rover conversion that I was working on. I’m rather pleased with it- though I’m unsure about how I painted the windows. I’m not sure whether they look too cartoon-y or not…?


Still, it should look decent enough on the table top.

I’ve also finished the swamp sections. Not much to say about these really, just a combination of paint, varnish then flock/ static grass/ bristles for reeds/ flowery tufts in that order.



They are of a decent size so plenty of room to have Partisans hide in them in a Pripet based game… should make for an interesting scenario….




2 comments on “Tracked Land Rover and swamps- fresh from the Shed

  1. it looks terrific, Pete. My only suggestion would have been to blend the colours on the windows a little bit, so the lines between the shades of blue and white aren’t so sharp, but as you say, it’s a “cartoony” look and there’s nothing wrong with that. The swamp sections look ace. I should steal that idea for a Dead Marshes LOTR tabletop.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Michael- I see how they look on the tabletop, if they look too cartoon-y I take your advice on blending at re touch them. If they look OK I’ll leave them.

      I highly recommend the plastic swamp sections. If you want some and have any trouble picking them up let me know.



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