Jobs for psychpaths after the apocalypse.

See here: the blog title is sadly not hyperbole. I always keep an eye out for that kind of thing given the 80’s nuclear war fear has been something of an unhealthy obsession for me (though I channeled it into a BA dissertation).

Employing psychopaths to manage after the balloon goes up makes about as much sense as the concept behind the Dirlewanger Division in WW2- and we are all well aware of how well that went. Though I am reminded of a radio interview that I heard with the late, great J.G. Ballard who said that the psychopath would be the ideal personality type for the forthcoming years….

On to more serious ground, once I’ve got my current research project out of the way I will try to pull the files relating to ‘Regenerate’ from the National Archives. They were nothing but helpful when I researched Wyndham Lewis.




2 comments on “Jobs for psychpaths after the apocalypse.

  1. Edwin King says:

    A really interesting read this – thanks for sharing it. Like you, I’ve always been fascinated by the planning for such events.

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