2014 End of year Progress Report.

In 2014 I painted, 463 20mm figures, 30 28mm figures, 28 54mm figures, 61 20mm kits, 4 3mm (1/600th) Aircraft and read 122 books.

Apart from the number of 20mm figures painted everything is up from last year. I had wanted to do more but more importantly I started an MA so that took precedence.

I’ll start counting for next year….



4 comments on “2014 End of year Progress Report.

  1. Mathyoo says:

    Wow, 400+ miniatures, 61 kits and you would wish you’d do even more? That’s a huge number!

  2. peter says:

    That are a lot more painted figures as mine! Great job!


  3. Pete S/ SP says:

    Thanks it has been the adoption of the philosophy that I’m a gamer nor a painter and a passable figure on the table is better than an unpainted one sat in the shed. Just by doing 30 mins to an hour ad day really adds up.



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