Grey’s Scouts for Rhodesia.

I’ve just finished this batch of mounted infantry for the Bush War in Rhodesia. They are 20mm from Under Fire Miniatures.


They are armed with a variety of FN FALs, FN FAL Heavy Barrels and a shotgun; with four different horse poses to play with there is a fair amount of variation to be had.







Looking at the photos there are a few bits of stray static grass that need to be brushed off.



6 comments on “Grey’s Scouts for Rhodesia.

  1. Mathyoo says:

    They are as fantastic as mounted units can be!

    Maybe you’d want to paint the rider’s vest a different colour so they stand out a bit?

  2. Joe Collins says:

    Very nicely painted! I look forward to seeing some AARs in Rhodesia.


  3. Those are A Very Great work! You can use them for Twilight 2000 aswell:) I have to get some of those. I know people from there that had their Nation Ruined by Leftist Thugs:( It was a Great Nation it soon became a Toilet:(

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