Four more diecasts….

Bill (UFM) picked these up for me today from the Leeds branch of ‘The Works’:


Gives me two SU76s – something that my Soviet Collection had been lacking for a long time and two giant T35s for the early part of the war. They were pretty crappy tanks really and the whole multi turreted landships designs quickly fell out of favour but I do like them- especially at that price.

I’m tempted to make a silly wargame and pit them against my German Neubaufahrzeug… like versus like and what have you.



Cheap Diecasts at ‘The Works’. Two quid each….

In the UK there is a chain of discount book/ toy shops called ‘The Works’ and they have recently got a selection of the Fabbri diecasts for a very reasonable £2 each.

Some bloke on TMP drew them to my attention (the site is good for something) and I popped along today for some retail therapy.


Rather pleased with my haul- some nice bits and pieces for my modern Russians and some Lend Lease tanks for the middle of WW2.

If you are in the UK I’d go to a local store asap as I’m pretty sure they will sell quick: