Cheap Diecasts at ‘The Works’. Two quid each….

In the UK there is a chain of discount book/ toy shops called ‘The Works’ and they have recently got a selection of the Fabbri diecasts for a very reasonable £2 each.

Some bloke on TMP drew them to my attention (the site is good for something) and I popped along today for some retail therapy.


Rather pleased with my haul- some nice bits and pieces for my modern Russians and some Lend Lease tanks for the middle of WW2.

If you are in the UK I’d go to a local store asap as I’m pretty sure they will sell quick:



6 comments on “Cheap Diecasts at ‘The Works’. Two quid each….

  1. I love those that’s a super price wish I had that here:(

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  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Yeah they are a great deal- they’d still be cheap at tywice the price. Apparently the chain buys them direct from China so it is possible that they could turn up your way.



  3. Mathyoo says:

    Ha! My first thought was “Ugh, 2 quid, that’s a quid too many!”, but oh my, they are nice!
    What size are they? I really like the look of the T-55 but I reckon it’s too small for 28mm?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Mathyoo- some gaps that could do with filling and a repaint wouldn’t hurt either but for the price I’m happy with them.

      They are 1/72 scale so sadly they’d be too small for 28mm, you’d want either 1/56th or 1/48th for them I’d imagine.



  4. Daid Bradley says:

    Picked up some at our local “Works” in Essex – judging by your photo (you seem to have picked up a BTR-90), and others and my purchases, what has been distributed by “Works” to their various outlets does seem to vary from store to store. Mine had got a lot of T-80s, JS-2s, Matildas and Lees and a winter camouflaged T-34/85.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      It does seem to be pretty random as to what was left in there. I saw T80s but left them there as I’ve loads of Revell ones already, likewise I don’t really need any more T34s but the lend lease stuff was welcome. A couple more BTR90s would be fantastic though- it is the modern stuff I’m most interested in.



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