Repainted Diecasts.

Some of the diecasts that I bought, and showed off in previous posts, weren’t in my first choice of colour scheme so I decided to do a quick repaint of them.

First up the WW2 SU76M- these went from a winter camo to a plain green. The crew figures are from Dixon and AB:


Then the camo’d BMPs and the BTR60PB that was in a parade ground scheme:


For both of these sets of models I applied two thinned coats of  Vallejo acryliic straight over the factory paint job then weathered as appropriate.

Then I decided to improved the BTR90s I bought:


I was happy with the camo scheme that they came with so I decided to just enchance it to stop it looking too flat. These three were given a coat of gloss varnish from a spray can before an all over wash of Army Painter soft tone (from the dropper bottles not the big tin) before a few details were painted in and they were weathered.

Over all I’m happy with how quickly they came together and the final result.