Air War Campaign Plans

Evan and I have been playing quite a few Air War games recently. They are quick to set up I suppose and you can fit a couple of small games into an evening so they suit our purposes well.

Often we try out a small combat just to see how the rules (a Victor Frankenstien like creation that has pulled in bits for everywhere) will handle a given situation. Evan has just finished painting up some 1/600th Me262 so we have been trying them.

The first game saw three Me 262 taking on a box of four B17s, they are hard hitting planes and their 30mm cannon will certainly make a mess of anything that they can hit.


As always the defensive fire of the B17s should not be under estimated. Getting this balance right has taken quitea few games and we are still not sure if it has been achieved to everyone’s satisfaction yet.


The second games was to try out something that we had both read of: Bf109s trying to keep US fighters off ME262s as the try to gain speed and alititude. Of the three that took off one exited the table with the other two turning back with damage. However the cost to the attacking Americans was heavy.

Sadly I took no pictures of that game; I find that 1/600th aircraft don’t photo too well with my limited skills and equipment.


Evan and I have talked about a campaign game for the new year. Hopefully it will be a crude approximation of the diofferent approaches to air combat the Germans and US took. The German player is trying to get 30 kills for his Ace pilot where as the US player has to get 30 kills for his entire squadron (who will start with no Ace pilots). The game will be played in groups of three games US versus generic German force, German versus generic US force then a head to head against both squadrons. I’ll post more details of the campaign system when I have written them.






2 comments on “Air War Campaign Plans

  1. Those little planes look ace. Posts like this always make me (almost) buy little planes for air battles.
    How is the ME 262 rated in these rules?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      You should indulge yourself Michael- they are cheap and take up very little space. The 262 is half as fast again as the fastest piston engined aircraft but has a risk of flaming out if you try to accelerate too fast in a game turn. The 20mm cannon are more powerful too, they do a possible 4 damage (which is enough to down a bomber in one go). The rules are based on the Wings of War series with a lot of our own additions.



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