2016- plots and plans.

I had a look back at what I wanted to do in 2015 gaming wise and it was a bit of a failure. The first idea proved to be deeply unsatisfying for reasons I won’t elaborate on, the second fizzled out as soon as it started and the third was not even attempted.

Accordingly I’m loathe to make any commitments but 6mm gaming and SCW look like they’ll feature. Most of my energy gaming wise will be going to ensure that my first megagame (more on that later) goes well.

I’m hoping real life will be busier this year too so that is another reason not to want to try to plan too much.





4 comments on “2016- plots and plans.

  1. Mathyoo says:

    Personally, I don’t like to plan too much either, if nothing else, my preferences change very fast. There’s no reason to limit what you’d want to do in December in January already. I am looking forward to the 6mm, however!

  2. As whatever you do is life-giving and not life-draining, it’s a success. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to!

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