A big thank you to Wargaming Girl

Tamsin at Wargaming Girl blog: http://wargaminggirl.blogspot.co.uk/ recently ran a prize draw for her combined 500,000 hits/ 4 year anniversary and I was lucky enough to win the book prize. Given her generosity I thought it only right to publicly thank her. Go check out her blog too, if my 6mm stuff turns out half as nice as her recent 6mm ACW work I’ll be overjoyed.







TANKS! The Kickstarter has arrived.

I mentioned some months ago that the first expansion for Richard Borg’s Great War had been kickstarted by Plastic Soldier Company, well today it finally arrived. I say finally but I wasn’t bothered by the delays, the backers were kept informed all the way through so I wouldn’t want it thought that I was moaning.


For a very reasonable price I got 13 1/100th tanks and 2 artillery pieces to play an extra 20 scenarios. The box comes with all the extra rules needed as well as a few extra terrain tiles too.


The prepainted tanks are lovely- lots of Mark IVs (male, female and beute), 2 A7Vs and 3 Whippets. I am trying to resist the temptation to paint the tracks and add a litlle weathering though.


Given how much I (and everyone I’ve played with) have enjoyed the base game I can’t wait to get started with this.