TANKS! The Kickstarter has arrived.

I mentioned some months ago that the first expansion for Richard Borg’s Great War had been kickstarted by Plastic Soldier Company, well today it finally arrived. I say finally but I wasn’t bothered by the delays, the backers were kept informed all the way through so I wouldn’t want it thought that I was moaning.


For a very reasonable price I got 13 1/100th tanks and 2 artillery pieces to play an extra 20 scenarios. The box comes with all the extra rules needed as well as a few extra terrain tiles too.


The prepainted tanks are lovely- lots of Mark IVs (male, female and beute), 2 A7Vs and 3 Whippets. I am trying to resist the temptation to paint the tracks and add a litlle weathering though.


Given how much I (and everyone I’ve played with) have enjoyed the base game I can’t wait to get started with this.





6 comments on “TANKS! The Kickstarter has arrived.

  1. Looks very good matey.

  2. Mathyoo says:

    They look great, but why would you have to resist painting the tracks? It can only make them better!

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      It’s a fair point but where do I stop? I’ll want to paint the 100+ 15mm infantry with the main game then. I know what I’m like. I Can’t do half a job. Will have a think on it.



  3. They look like lovely models, though the A7V is crying out for some German pyschadelic camo.
    We have a Whippet at the base museum where I work, now I want to go look at it again.
    So you like the game?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Yeah I agree the WW1 German camo was pretty inspired. The game is great. One of the most playable games of trench warfare I have found. Superior too to Memoir 44.



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