(Yet) More 20mm buildings.

Much as I said before I’m running out of room I’ve still got a few 20mm buildings to work through. Here are the latest three to be finished:



An Airfix 1/48th resin with extras added. Despite the scale it works fine for my 20mms. The sand bags are mostly from Javis with a few added by me.



The Aifix 1/72 ruined church. I merely added the base and rubble.




A rather nice MDF kit that I bought from ebay. Apologies as I have forgotten the manufacturer. It will be useful for some more 20mm modern games.







6mm buildings.

I’ve painted up these for the 6mm Cold War project I’m working on. The first batch are from Leven Miniatures: http://www.levenminiatures.co.uk/ and the second are some of unkown provenance that I bought second hand via a forum. They have not been based as I will place them ontop of templates that mark out the extend of a built up area of the games.








The Future but now.

I havve recently dipped my toe into the burgeoning world of 3D printing. Peter Fitzpatrick over at the great Shouting Into the Void blog: http://mojobob.blogspot.co.uk/ has been designing some great interwar vehicles that can be ordered from Shapeways.

I ordered two WW1 era trucks. With the free postage offer and the no rush option I was pleased to get the two for less than a tenner each. I opted to have then printed in the cheapest material WSF (White, Strong, flexible); from looking a peoples blogs previously it doesn’t have a great reputation but 1- the other options are really expensive and 2- I figured in 1/72 rather than 1/100 or 1/144 the printing marks would matter less. Anyway enough babble from me. On with the pics:






The detail that Peter has got into the models is great, really impressed with it. The pictures are of course blown up in the plastic the trucks are great. Even more so after a coat of primer then a blast of Tamiya spray paint.


Next time there is a free postage offer I’ll be after some more. Also the new T27 tankette for the Russians that has recently been released.