The Future but now.

I havve recently dipped my toe into the burgeoning world of 3D printing. Peter Fitzpatrick over at the great Shouting Into the Void blog: has been designing some great interwar vehicles that can be ordered from Shapeways.

I ordered two WW1 era trucks. With the free postage offer and the no rush option I was pleased to get the two for less than a tenner each. I opted to have then printed in the cheapest material WSF (White, Strong, flexible); from looking a peoples blogs previously it doesn’t have a great reputation but 1- the other options are really expensive and 2- I figured in 1/72 rather than 1/100 or 1/144 the printing marks would matter less. Anyway enough babble from me. On with the pics:






The detail that Peter has got into the models is great, really impressed with it. The pictures are of course blown up in the plastic the trucks are great. Even more so after a coat of primer then a blast of Tamiya spray paint.

Next time there is a free postage offer I’ll be after some more. Also the new T27 tankette for the Russians that has recently been released.





6 comments on “The Future but now.

  1. peter says:

    Really nice looking models Pete! They did a great job indeed!


  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Thanks Peter, I look forward to gettting the time to paint them properly.



  3. houseofqueeg says:

    Yeah I’m also getting increasingly interested by some of the 3D work that’s available now. Especially for niche subjects and with a good designer who knows which bits need to be refined, thickened or fudged this is becoming a great option. I do like to see a “printed” version though before buying and not all available models show this ….

    Anyway, look fwd to seeing these with paint on!


    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Brent- I think it is a technology that we will see more and more of as time goes on. I’ve seen at a wargames show and entire demo game 3D printed. Once you’ve bought the printer a 1/144th tank cost 50p in materials.



  4. Very nice. I buy WW1 1/144 aircraft (and other things) from Shapeways (and Sculpteo). I always get them in WSF Polished. Some people do turn their nose up at it, but in my experience no one is going to spot any difference between it and a more expensive material at normal viewing distances on the gaming table (or even a couple of feet!).

    The only time I would go for a more expensive material was if I was buying something very detailed (like a 28mm figure).


    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Dave. The question of how it looks at three foot is always the yardstick that I judge stuff for the table top by. THere are some nice models on Shapeways- I can see myself getting more in the future.



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