Some heavy metal comes forth from the Shed.

These were the last  of the 1/72nd vehicles that brought me up to my total for the quarter- see last post.

First up a Dragon Models M103 heavy tank. A great kit to build, and the single colour paint job went well too. Serving from the fifties to the early seventies it will make an interesting opponent to my IS3s.


A Model Collect TOS1, basically the Katyusha from WW2 updated with Thermobaric warheads and mounted on a tank chassis, in this case a T72. They first saw operational testing in the Soviet war in Afghanistan then further use in Chechnya.


Last but not least we have an S and S models Jagdpanzer Kanone in resin, I acquired this one from ebay a while ago. Seems like the tank hunters design lived on a bit longer after WW2, the 90mm gun of its was a rmed with soon became obsolete; the chassis were converted to carry Anti tank guided missiles instead.


This trio should make for some interesting additions to my post war games.





6 comments on “Some heavy metal comes forth from the Shed.

  1. Nice models 🙂 How did you find the TOS? Is it a “serious” scale model, or something for wargaming?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks. It is a proper model kit, great detail, though it comes witha diecast metal lower hull so you need to use superglue for some parts. On the strength of it I’ll be picking up more of their kits.

      Hope that helps.



  2. Tim Gow says:

    Just how big is this shed?

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Not that big Tim but very full and in desperate need of a sort out. I’ll give you a guided tour next time you are over if you like. Though it will be mostly just me pointing at boxes, telling you what’s in them then showing you.



  3. Matevz Groselj says:

    Great choice of rare vehicles, I’ve never seen the TOS one before – who wouldn’t want that on the table just for the looks?

  4. Pete S/ SP says:

    Thanks – it is an impressive piece. I’m planning to use it as the objective in a skirmish game.



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