6 comments on “West German Border Police.

  1. They are cool man. Nice work. Paint more 28mm pleeeease

  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Thanks. I’ll be working through the rest of the West Germans from Under Fire next then tackling the East Germans with their awkward camo scheme. Then I’ll have to make some scenery for them. Should keep me busy for a while.



  3. Hey nice I missed these. I’m painting some 20mm versions of these guys . Having a bad time finding the uniforms in pics my friend:( Can you send me more pics these are Great:) help though.
    thanks Buddy.
    Dave In USA

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Certainly can Dave- expect them tomorrow. I kept a note of the paints I used too. I’ll get my notebook out of the shed and send them across too.



  4. Hey Thank you so much my Friend:) I’m very Grateful! 🙂 it’s really hard to find good West German Cold War pics on here:(
    God Bless You and your Family stay safe my Friend and all on here:-)
    Dave In USA

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