28mm Cold War East German Army.

I’ve just finished off painting these DDR NVA figures I got from Under Fire Miniatures.

They’ll be excellent opposition to the West German Police and Bundeswehr I painted previously.











5 comments on “28mm Cold War East German Army.

  1. Very nice man. Can we see some close ups??

  2. Very nice. I second the request for closeups.

  3. James Johnson says:

    Very nice looking figures, I just purchased one of each pack to play WWIII against my nephew’s BAOR from Mongrel and MoFo. We also stocked up on Blitzkrieg hobbies (T72, Chieftain, BMP-1) and Sloppy Jalopy (FV432, Scimitars, BRDM-2) AFVs and are looking forward to some good games in the near future. We have been looking at rules and recently got a copy of Seven Days to the River Rhine. Any thought to rules you are planning on using??

    • Pete S/ SP says:


      I’ve not got any vehicles for mine yet- something to get the 3d printer on to I think.

      For rules I’m going to use either Danger Close from Empress or Black Ops from Osprey. Both are great for skirmishes.



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