East German Army- the close-ups.

As requested here are some closeups of the DDR NVA figures. I’m not normally keen on showing closeups as my camera is better than my painting technique but these have turned out alright.





I’ve not re- photographed all of them- just a few that caught my eye.




Here is a quick rundown of how I painted them.

  1. Undercoat figure in grey from a spray can.
  2. Paint entire figure Vallejo Model Color (VMC) German Cam Beige.
  3. Paint skin areas Vallejo Panzer Aces Flesh (VPA) Base, plain and netted helmest VMC Military Green, Boots VMC black, NBC bag VMC Dark grey, Pack roll VPA Canvas, water bottle cover VMC Flat Earth and the Entrenching tool VMC Chocolate Brown and then VPA New wood.
  4. Wash entire figure in Army Painter Strong tone.
  5. Go back over all the uniform and helmet cover in VMC German Camo Beige and all the detail parts with with step colours.
  6. Paint weapon and bayonet VMC black.
  7. Add vertical rain drop lines with thinned down VMC flat Brown.
  8. Highlight Weapon with VMC dark grey and VPA New wood. Paint AK magazines VMC Orange Brown.
  9. Highlight Flesh with VMC Flat flesh and then VPA Flesh highlights. Wash with Army Painter soft tone watered down a little.
  10. Blackline with VMC Black.
  11. Very lightly drybrush the entire figure with VMC deck tan.
  12. Varnish with VMC Matt Varnish.
  13. Base as appropriate.

The above is my usual technique for speed painting 20mm figure with more care and detailed taken given that the figures are bigger. I didn’t take and step by step photos- it is something I could do a future post on….









8 comments on “East German Army- the close-ups.

  1. Thanks mate. Much nicer to see the close ups. You’ve done really well. I should get me some Vallejo paints. I’ve never used them. I like the RPG dude.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      I’m a big fan of the Vallejos, I switched to them 10-12 years ago and haven’t looked back. Trying to convince a mate to make the change and ditch the old enamels.



  2. pbeccas says:

    I just picked up some East Germans and I was search for some Vallejo paint references. Thank you so much. And your figures look fantastic.

  3. Sitting here in Asia DDR NVA confused me briefly as my eyes/mind registered NVA first and I immediately thought, “‘ere, they don’t look very Vietnamese” 🙂

    Blink twice and look again and DDR NVA then registered as Die Nationale Volksarmee der DDR – or at least in English.

    Nice paint jobs though and I agree with Vallejo – they are my go to paints now, with Citadel for colours I can’t easily source here in Vallejo.

    • Pete S/ SP says:

      Thanks Thomo. Vallejo paints are my favourites- although for brighter colours I do use a few GW ones- depends what series they are from.

      In military history I guess that you have to get used to acronyms pretty quickly. Although I would probably call The North Vietnamese army the PAVN in its abbreviated form.



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